Three bedroom house on sale for £ 20,000 – but in need of a big cleaning

This three-bedroom terraced house in Cardiff, Wales is up for auction with a reserve of £ 20,000 (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

Up for auction for £ 20,000, this three-bedroom terraced house in Cardiff, Wales seems like a steal at first glance.

But wait until you see inside before you get too excited.

While the property looks perfectly fine from the outside, when you walk in you will find out why the starting price is so low.

The house is described as ‘in need of a makeover’, which could be an understatement.

It’s so crowded that you can barely see the floors, so you’ll need a massive clean-up before you can hope to move in.

Then there is the wallpaper, which is peeling off and appears to have mold in parts of the house.

moldy and messy walls in a three bedroom auction house
Yes, it’s mold you can spy on (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

inside a dirty three-bed house up for auction
The successful bidder will not only get the house, but all the mess inside… including these dolls (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

three bedroom house for sale but it needs a cleaning
And you would need to clean the interiors well (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

The rugs are dirty and stained, while in the kitchen the paper hangs from the ceiling and the cupboard doors come off their hinges.

In the back garden you will find a thorny jungle, as the plants are so overgrown that you will have to wade through the leaves and branches.

You should only buy this place if you are ready for a major cleaning, tidying up, and remodeling project, basically.

inside a messy three bedroom house in Cardiff
Sellers are hoping the low price will attract a lot of interest (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

kitchen in a three bedroom cardiff house
The kitchen could undergo a complete renovation (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

kitchen in a messy three bedroom house
This butterfly wallpaper is cute, however (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

But if you’re ready to do the work, the list estimates that you could generate a “good income” by renting out the property.

The house is in a popular area of ​​Cardiff and only a mile from Cardiff Queen Street station so in terms of location it’s pretty awesome.

Jim Demitriou, SDL’s national auctioneer, said, “The successful bidder will get everything inside the house.

“It saves the owner the trouble of cleaning it up. That is why it is more suitable for an auction.

room in a cluttered and messy auction house
There are three bedrooms (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

    the three-bed house is auctioned for only 20,000?  - but in dire need of tidying up as its rooms are so messy you can barely see the floors
Auctioneers believe a buyer could earn a ‘nice income’ by renting out the house (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

bathroom in three bedroom house in cardiff up for auction
They also suggest dividing the house into two apartments (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

“The fact that it’s messy means it stands out, that it grabs your attention.

“We’re here to sell the property, the more interest there is, the more people bid.

“We took a lot of interest in it. We have about 90 people waiting to see it and about 40 have signed up to bid.

“We have a very motivated supplier who wants to make sure they sell.

‘This is a great opportunity. You can renovate it and inhabit it, or you can rent it out, but if you are looking to make some money, you can turn it into multiple occupancy by dividing it into two apartments.

Messy three bedroom house in Cardiff, Wales
We think this could make a great project for someone who enjoys cleaning (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

overgrown garden
… And gardening (Photo: North News & Pictures Ltd)

“Splitting is where a buyer can go with it. If you look down that street for other houses which are exactly the same that have been split into two apartments, they sell for between £ 120,000 and £ 130,000.

“It’s been empty for about three or four years. The house belonged to the mother of the sellers, who is deceased. It was not their family home, so they are not emotionally attached to it.

If you want to take over the house, set your alarms for 10 a.m. on July 29, when the national property auction begins.

You’ll need to make sure you’re registered though – and registration will close at 12 noon the day before.

Good luck. We hope you have a good supply of cleaning supplies.

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