SBS funE reveals more posts suggesting links between police and members of Seungri’s chat room

SBS funE’s Kang Kyung Yoon posted an exclusive new article on the alleged link between police, Seungri and others in same chat room.

After receive KakaoTalk data lawyer Bang Jung Hyun on February 22, the Anti-Corruption Investigation and Assessment Division of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission closely analyzed him for 15 days and transferred him to Office of the Supreme Prosecutor, not to the police, March 12.

In an interview with SBS on March 12, attorney Bang Jung Hyun said, “This was data containing links to several government authorities, and I was particularly suspicious of the connection to the police. I doubted the accuracy of the investigation if I had handed it over to the police.

SBS funE has received the KakaoTalk messages and analyzed them.

In July 2016, Seungri opened a club called Monkey Museum in Seoul’s Gangnam district. However, police were dispatched to the club on the day it opened and Seungri was investigated for having illegal structures in the building.

The conversation spoke about the new club and went as follows:

Mr. Kim: I think we’ll hit the jackpot if we fix the air conditioner problem. [in the club].

Seungri: Yeah, you’re right.

Mr. Kim: I saw that [CEO Yoo] texted the “police chief” yesterday.

Mr. Kim: I think the problem with the whistleblower will be resolved as well.

Seungri: What did he say?

Mr. Kim: It was really long. Yesterday another company took a photo of the interior of [Monkey Museum] and reported it.

Mr. Kim: The boss said something suggesting that the other company told us about it because they were jealous and we didn’t have to worry because they would take care of everything.

Mr. Kim is the same person who allegedly sent the prostitutes to hotel rooms when they organized sex escort services for business investors. He was also accused of illegal hidden cam sharing in the chat room with Jung Joon Young.

SBS funE states that it is difficult to fully believe Mr. Kim’s messages because he spelled “Commissioner General of Police” as another Korean word that means “chief of police”. It is also unclear whether he is referring to the then commissioner general of police or the commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Further investigation will reveal whether Mr Kim falsely reported to Seungri or whether they had any genuine connections to high-ranking police officials.

SBS funE contacted Mr. Kim and tried to get a response, but he didn’t say anything.

They managed to interview CEO Yoo, who said, “It’s true that I was at the opening ceremony of the Monkey Museum. But I don’t know of any police source. I do not know the commissioner general or the commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and I have never met them or been in the same place with them.

Seungri said through his lawyer: “The Monkey Museum has already received a criminal sanction and a fine for breaking the Food Hygiene Law. It is not true that he tried to cover up police investigations.

Meanwhile, the current Commissioner General of the Korea National Police Agency, Min Gap Ryong, held a press conference on March 13 and said, “I will check thoroughly if there was an incident in which the police were involved at the time.” “

SBS’s “8 O’Clock News” on March 13 KST will report new suspicions of police ties that were found in the KakaoTalk messages. Journalist Kang Kyung Yoon, who first spoke about the issue of Seungri’s sex escort service, will also appear on the news to talk about the matter.

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