Police crack down on Ganja hawkers and freeze 813 bank accounts | Madurai News

Madurai: As many as 813 bank accounts belonging to ganja peddlers and their family members in southern districts have been frozen by police as part of the intensified statewide crackdown on ganja peddlers weed.
All suspected bank accounts of ganja peddlers and their relatives have been frozen in 494 recorded cases over the past year, according to a police statement.
The highest number of frozen bank accounts was recorded in Madurai (191) in 114 ganja cases. The districts of Dindigul (146) and Theni (116) come next in 81 and 77 cases of ganja respectively. In Madurai district, the highest number of frozen bank accounts were in Usilampatti sub-division, which is known to be a major ganja trafficking area with 57 frozen bank accounts in 39 cases.
Recently, police in Madurai, Dindigul and Theni conducted a financial investigation into six major ganja trafficking cases and froze the illegally acquired movable and immovable property and bank accounts of ganja peddlers and their family members. However, this action to freeze 813 bank accounts was intended to target those operating on a relatively smaller scale. Police said they aimed to make life as difficult as possible for ganja vendors and their families.
The Inspector General of Police (IG), South Zone, Asra Garg, told TOI that the freezing of bank accounts is a parallel action being carried out alongside the comprehensive financial investigation that was underway for major cases.
“While we initially targeted the biggest ganja suppliers through a financial investigation, this action now focuses even on cases where 1 kg or 10-15 kg of ganja has been seized. The freezing of bank accounts is aimed at to deter peddlers from easily using the money they have earned illegally and also to prevent future transactions. When the police crack down on peddlers with such action, it creates fear among them,” he said. declared.
The IG further stated that in a few cases, ganja peddlers even used bank accounts to get paid for smuggling through online transactions. The freezing of bank accounts prevents peddlers from carrying out large transactions or even obtaining loans from banks.

Shawanda H. Saldana