Over 60 Nonprofits Urge Congress To Consider Environmental Damage From Crypto Mining When Making Rules

Over 65 nonprofits are collectively urging the US Congress to consider the environmental damage of crypto mining when drafting new laws.

“As Congress considers legislation for cryptocurrencies, we urge you to consider the impacts that Proof of Work mining has on climate, drinking water and environmental justice,” the organizations, which include 350 .org, Friends of the Earth US, and Small Business Alliance, among others, wrote in a letter Thursday. The letter was first published by The New York Times.

“Proof of work” refers to a mechanism in blockchains where miners solve math puzzles to add new blocks. As the process uses significant computing power and electricity, the type of crypto mining has long been criticized for its environmental costs.

The mechanism contrasts with proof of stake, which would be more environmentally friendly, as holders could validate transactions by throwing or locking their cryptocurrencies.

The two largest cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ether currently use proof-of-work blockchains. Although Ethererum is in the process of transitioning from proof of work to proof of stake, critics remain skeptical. “It is not known when, if at all, this change will occur,” the letter wrote.

Some of the crypto industry participants argued that the industry is using renewable energy and is adapting to address environmental concerns.

The Bitcoin Mining Council said miners use electricity with a 67% sustainable energy mix, based on a survey of miners who power more than 32% of the global Bitcoin network, according to a July statement. .

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