Minister Carolyn Bennett Highlights Child Care Investments in Budget 2021

Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada

Budget 2021 is the Government of Canada’s plan to complete the fight against COVID-19 and ensure a robust economic recovery that includes all Canadians.

Today, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, the Honorable Carolyn Bennett, met with members of the Tundra Buddies Daycare Society to discuss Budget 2021’s Early Learning and Child Care Investments: A Stimulus Package for jobs, growth and resilience.

The COVID-19 recession is the strongest and fastest growing economic contraction since the Great Depression. It has disproportionately affected low-wage workers, youth, women and racialized Canadians. For businesses, this is a two-tiered recession, with some ways to prosper and grow, but many businesses, especially small businesses, are struggling to survive. Budget 2021 is a historic investment to address the specific wounds of the COVID-19 recession, put people first, create jobs, grow the middle class, put businesses on track for long-term growth and to ensure that Canada’s future is healthier, fairer, greener and more prosperous.

The pandemic has made access to early learning and child care a universal issue that resonates across all sectors, regions and income groups. School and daycare closures have been difficult for parents. Some have had to quit their jobs or significantly reduce their working hours. Without access to child care, parents cannot participate fully in our economy.

Investing in early learning and child care is a hat trick for jobs and growth: it creates jobs for workers, the majority of whom are women; it enables parents, especially mothers, to realize their full economic potential; and it creates a generation of engaged and well-prepared young learners.

The Government of Canada’s top priority remains protecting the health and safety of Canadians, especially during this aggressive third wave of the virus and its variants. Vaccine deployment is underway across Canada, with support from the federal government in every province and territory. Budget 2021 invests in Canada’s bioproduction and life sciences sector to rebuild the country’s vaccine manufacturing capacity and plans to put in place national standards for long-term care and mental health services.

Budget 2021 is a plan to connect Canadians and Canadian businesses during the crisis and towards a strong recovery. He proposes extending business and income supports until the fall and making investments to create jobs and help businesses across the economy recover. It will support nearly 500,000 new training and employment opportunities, including 215,000 for young people; supporting businesses in our most affected sectors such as tourism and the arts and culture; and accelerate investments and digital transformation in small and medium enterprises. Budget 2021 is a plan that puts Canada on track to meet its commitment to create 1 million jobs by the end of the year.

Canada entered the pandemic with a strong financial position. This has enabled the government to take swift and decisive action, to support people and businesses, and to put it in a position to make historic investments in the recovery.

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