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HYDERABAD: It has been almost a year since the terrible floods of October 2020 wreaked havoc in the Osman Nagar area on the outskirts of the Old City. While the monsoon is expected to intensify in the coming weeks, residents say they have yet to recover from the impact created by last year’s flood.

Many families have criticized elected officials and government authorities for inaction for the past year.
A 60-year-old resident of Osman Nagar, Syed Waheed Rahman, said: “After our house was flooded with almost 10 feet of rainwater last year, we were forced to leave and look for a accommodation for rent near Pahadi Shareef. For about four months, I used to walk 5-6 miles to check my submerged house and see if the water level had dropped. The situation is no different this year. Water from nearby Osman Nagar Lake gushed into our house just after two bouts of rain last week.
Even today, Rahman and his family have no other way but to wade through the slush and sewage that still collects in front of his house whose foundations are gradually deteriorating from the flooding. .
While the monsoon keeps them going, many say they are having sleepless nights as the water level in Osman Nagar Lake rises with each episode of rain.
“We are having sleepless nights as the water levels in Osman Nagar Lake have started to rise again. After Education Minister Sabita Indira Reddy recently inspected the area, Jalpally Municipality officials began reconstruction work on the Osman Nagar Lake dike, but it was pointless as it has already started to develop cracks and is washed away by the rains. We need a permanent solution, ”said Afreen Begum, a resident of Osman Nagar.
The open space directly in front of Afreen’s house is completely covered in algae and has become breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Residents also claim that the outlet canals that were closed to protect the neighboring settlement from flooding are one of the reasons for the flooding last year.
According to city officials, the seawall which stretches for a kilometer and is about 12 feet wide is being built to keep floodwaters from protecting homes.
Agreeing that several houses are still suffering from the impact of the floods of last year, G Praveen Kumar, Commissioner of the Municipality of Jalpally, said: “Many houses are still affected as they are being built in the area of ​​FTL lake ( full tank) and there is nothing we can do about it because the case is still pending in the High Court.
However, the commissioner informed that they were taking all precautionary measures to deal with the coming monsoon problems, including the construction of manuals for the drains, the cleaning of the entrances and exits and the construction of a dike on the river. left side of Osman Nagar Lake, which stretches for one kilometer. and is about 12 feet wide, to prevent floodwaters from entering homes in the area.
The municipality is rebuilding the damaged dike with a special fund of Rs 20 lakh sanctioned by the district collector Rangareddy on the representation of Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy.

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