Henri Cleanup also prepared Manchester for Ida

MANCHESTER, CT – With the city still reeling from Tropical Storm Henri’s visit last weekend, Manchester crews and officials have spent much of this week cleaning up drainage infrastructure in anticipation more rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida.

One of the hardest hit areas in Manchester was Charter Oak Park, where the Hop Brook peaked and dumped thousands of gallons of stormwater into the facility.

After it was deemed safe to turn the power back on, the lights were on this week and most of the park was open again, Manchester Director of Public Works Tim Bockus said.

Then came the forecast of maybe 5 more inches of rain on Ida’s night.

“There’s a little less hype on this one because the rain – although a lot – won’t be for a short time like Henri,” Bockus said. “That’s when you get the flash floods.”

But DPW crews were still taking precautionary measures in the park, such as laying sandbags in areas prone to flooding, Bockus said.

Bockus said he had been in town for almost 25 years and at his post since 2018 and hadn’t seen so much rain.

The same precautions were taken in other parts of the city

Manchester DPW crews spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning up catchment areas and preparing the city’s roads for the storm.

They have also been working since last week to repair and update infrastructure in addition to the park impacted by storm Henri. Public works crews have been working hard since Tropical Storm Henri, vacuuming catch basins and placing sandbags in some buildings in the city.

The city has issued several advisories regarding Ida:

  • Do not drive in standing water.
  • Do not attempt to cross road barriers or areas blocked by public security. Roads and bridges can be washed out or structurally defective.
  • Do not let children play in standing water.
  • Discard water that has collected from objects around houses to reduce the potential for mosquito breeding.
  • Never touch electrical equipment when wet or standing in water.
  • Consider hiring a qualified electrician to assess damage to electrical systems.
  • Have wells checked for bacteria and chemical contamination before using them.
  • Have damaged septic tanks or leach systems repaired as soon as possible to reduce potential health risks.
  • Treat all drop cables as if they were live.
  • If a house or property is damaged, take photos or videos to document your damage and contact the insurance company.
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