Have you seen this? Transparency of commercial banking more transparent than expected

The advertisement featured is a great example of how a company can poke fun at itself and its advertising practices to get your attention. (Nordnet Norway via Youtube)

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OVERALL — Commercials are produced every day by companies to inspire viewers to action.

Buy this product that smells good! Take advantage of this essential service! Feel sad about sad animals and donate money! Ask your doctor about this medicine today (but don’t take it if you’re allergic to it)! Call this number if you have a structured settlement — it’s your money and you need it now!

Ads exist because many of them work. But while reading the above, you might have thought about some obnoxious advertisements that bother you deeply.

Now let’s think about the hard-to-hate ads. Those that go viral. It’s the ads that sell us pure entertainment and jokes. Just think of the internet’s best friend of the 2010s, deadpan taxidermist Chuck Testa. Be honest, this ad made you wish you had something that needed to be taxidermied.

The advertisement featured in this article may not speak as deeply to your soul as Chuck Testa, but it is a great example of how a company can poke fun at itself and its advertising practices to entice your Warning.

The short ad shows a man in a nice suit in an office, looking poised and ready to tell us something. Instead of directly selling us the services and transparency practices of Nordnet, a Scandinavian banking chain, it follows the movements of a typical salesperson and makes that process transparent instead.

OK, that was a dry, boring, and possibly confusing explanation. So you only have to look at the ad to see how delicious it is. You might just have to pretend to laugh as much as the two actors at the end of the commercial.

It’s easy to hate ads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love them too.

_About the Author: Martha Ostergar is a writer who revels in the ridiculousness the internet offers, which means she’s more than grateful to be able to scour the web for amazing videos to write about. To read more of her articles, visit the author’s page at Martha’s KSL.com._

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