German court clears way for EU COVID-19 recovery fund

BERLIN, April 21 (Xinhua) – Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court on Wednesday dismissed an urgent appeal against the European Union (EU) COVID-19 Comprehensive Recovery Fund, removing an immediate legal hurdle preventing the country from participating in its launch .

The complaint was “neither inadmissible from the outset nor manifestly unfounded,” the highest German court noted in a statement. However, it “does not seem very likely” that the court will find a violation of the country’s basic law through the EU’s common fund.

Last year, EU leaders agreed to a € 750 billion (US $ 902 billion) stimulus fund to address the economic and social impact of the COVID pandemic -19. It was approved by the Bundestag and Bundesrat, the lower and upper houses of parliament respectively, in March.

Following the complaint filed by a citizens’ initiative around a founding member of the far-right German party Alternative for Germany (AfD), the court initially ordered that the corresponding law could not be approved by the president federal government.

The actual constitutional complaint has not yet been decided and will be settled in the main proceedings. The European Commission cannot start borrowing and disbursing the COVID-19 fund until all member states have fully ratified the decision.

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