Electricity consumption increases 4.8% to 114.37 BU in October, Auto News, ET Auto

In November 2020, the growth in electricity consumption slowed to 3.12%, mainly due to the early onset of winters.

India’s electricity consumption rose 4.8% in October to 114.37 billion units (BU), indicating a good recovery amid a shortage of coal in power plants, data shows of the Ministry of Energy. Last year in October the power consumption was 109.17 BU and in the same period in 2019 it was 97.84 BU.

During the month of October, peak electricity demand met or highest supply in one day stood at 174.60 GW, more than 169.89 GW in the same month last year .

The data clearly shows that there is a recovery in energy consumption as well as demand in the country.

Experts said the recovery in electricity demand as well as consumption will increase further due to government efforts to increase coal supply to factories and improved economic activities following the lifting of restrictions. lockdown by states.

No less than 135 power plants with an electricity production capacity of more than 165 GW supervised by the Central Electricity Authority had a stock of coal of 10.08 million tonnes sufficient for six days (for daily requirement of 1.79 million tonnes) as of October 29, compared to 7.96 million tonnes for four days (at a daily requirement of 1.82 million tonnes as of October 1, 2021).

Coal stock data show an improvement in the dry fuel situation in thermal power plants across the country with the onset of winters and improved coal supplies.

Many states had imposed lockdown restrictions after the second wave of the pandemic hit the country in April this year. The restrictions were gradually lifted as the number of COVID cases declined.

However, electricity consumption in September of this year saw a moderate recovery with almost flat growth at 112.43 BU mainly due to the delayed monsoon (heavy rains). In September of last year, the energy consumption was 112.24 BU, higher than 107.51 BU in the same month of 2019.

Experts said the recovery in electricity demand and consumption in September 2021 remained moderate, mainly due to the delayed monsoon.

In August of this year, energy consumption increased by more than 17% to 127.88 BU against 109.21 BU in the same month in 2020.

The second wave of COVID-19 hit the country in mid-April of this year and affected the recovery in demand for commercial and industrial electricity as states began to impose restrictions at the end of the month. The month saw an annual growth of almost 38.5% in energy consumption.

Energy consumption grew 6.6% year-on-year in May of this year to 108.80 BUs, despite a weak base of 102.08 BUs in the same month of 2020.

According to the latest data, in June it increased by almost 9% to 114.48 BU, compared to 105.08 BU in the same month last year.

In July, it rose to 123.72 BU against 112.14 BU the same month a year ago. Power consumption in February of this year was recorded at 103.25 BU, compared to 103.81 BU a year ago.

In March, electricity consumption increased by almost 22% to 120.63 BU, compared to 98.95 BU in the same month of 2020.

After a six-month gap, electricity consumption registered an annual growth of 4.6% in September 2020 and 11.6% in October 2020.

In November 2020, the growth in electricity consumption slowed to 3.12%, mainly due to the early onset of winters. In December, it rose 4.5%, compared to 4.4% higher in January 2021.

The proposed amendments would facilitate the development of a carbon market in India and prescribe a minimum consumption of renewable energy, either as direct consumption or as indirect use through the grid, the energy ministry said. in a press release.

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