ED seizes 33 Indian People’s Front bank accounts in money laundering case

The Law Enforcement Directorate on Wednesday seized 33 bank accounts of the Islamic organization Popular Front of India and one of its affiliated bodies, the Rehab India Foundation, PTI reported.

The properties were seized as part of an ongoing investigation into an alleged money laundering case filed against the two organisations. Twenty-three Indian Popular Front bank accounts with a total balance of over Rs 59 lakh, and 10 Rehab India Foundation accounts with a balance of Rs 9.5 lakh were attached.

“Investigation revealed that over Rs 60 crore has been deposited in PFI accounts, including over Rs 30 crore in cash since 2009,” the Law Enforcement Branch said, according to The Indian Express. “Similarly, approximately Rs 58 crore has been deposited in RIF accounts since 2010.”

The People’s Front of India said he would release a statement on the development on Thursday.

The action against the Indian Popular Front came days after a controversy erupted as defiant slogans were shouted at the organization’s rally in Kerala’s Alappuzha district.

A so-called video of the May 21 “Save the Republic” rally showed a boy sitting on a man’s shoulder and shouting slogans against Hindus and Christians in Kerala.

So far, police have arrested 20 people in connection with the case.

Shawanda H. Saldana