Dengue fever counts at 83, more than 11,000 households receive advice for larval reproduction

Amid the increase in dengue cases, which reached 83 on Wednesday, notices were sent to 11,311 households in the district where mosquito larvae were found, health department officials said. The district reported 10 cases of dengue fever during the day.

Dr Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer of Gurugram, said: “There is a risk that mosquito-borne diseases, especially dengue, malaria and chikungunya, will spread this year due to engorgement and water stagnation. People should take precautions and make sure there is no room for collecting water and pay special attention to cleanliness around them and not allow mosquitoes to breed near their homes. houses.

Last year, 52 cases of dengue were reported, while 22 cases were reported in 2019.

This year, the health department has identified 13 hot spots in the city, from which cases of dengue have been reported. The identified hot spots are Wazirabad, Palam Vihar, Basai, Jharsa Village, Kanhai Colony, Sarhaul Village, Sector 21A, Sector 39, Sector 12A, Sector 47, Dharam Colony, Udyog Vihar Phase-1 and sector 12.

The district administration said on Wednesday that more than 2.27 million homes had been checked for mosquito-borne diseases. The administration has also issued two hotlines, 18001801817 and 0124-44055779, for residents to request misting orders in their areas from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Officials said larval control activities were being carried out by health service teams in suspicious locations, such as coolers and overhead tanks, where mosquitoes are likely to breed and where temephos-based drugs are sprayed. these places. Along with this, rapid fever surveys are also carried out.

The health department, in collaboration with the fisheries department, introduced gambusia fish, which feed on mosquito larvae, into 173 water bodies in the district.

The department has also asked private hospitals to send reports related to the surveillance and management of mosquito-borne illnesses. Setting a cap for testing, private hospitals were instructed not to charge more than ??600 for the NS-1 and LGI test to detect dengue and chikungunya, respectively, and ??1000 for RT-PCR tests to detect dengue. Hospitals are required to post prescribed rates on notice boards on hospital premises.

Yadav said, “Residents should clean the area around their homes once a week and make sure there is no standing water anywhere. If a person experiences high fever, nausea, joint and muscle pain, a red rash on the skin, and fatigue, they should immediately contact the health center and not self-medicate. There is no specific drug available for dengue and malaria; residents can take acetaminophen to reduce fever or pain, but should not take aspirin.

Meanwhile, residents said corrective action was only taken after the issues were repeatedly raised on social media. HT found standing water in several places around the city on Wednesday, with residents also raising the issue on the district administration’s social media.

Mahendra Tiwari, a member of the management body of the Sagar Kunj Group Housing Company in Sector 9A, who complained last week about stagnant water, said: “After raising question two or three times on social networks, measures have been taken but nothing is being done by the authorities themselves. For misting or cleaning the water in our area, we must continue to follow up with the authorities. “

Rajesh Pandit, a resident of Gupta settlement in Palam Vihar, said: “There are small patches of empty land where water has been stagnant since the onset of the monsoon, but no action has been taken by the authorities. A 15-year-old boy from our community has dengue fever and more people can be infected. “

Officials said that as the post of Chief Medical Officer of Gurugram Municipality (MCG) is currently vacant, staff are working on instructions from the health department. They accompany the teams of the health services in the areas where high cases of fever are reported on the basis of rapid surveys to carry out nebulizations.

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