Child benefit money arrives in bank accounts early – reason why payment made revealed

Many households received Child Benefit early, or not as much as they normally do, but the good news is that this is all part of HMRC’s plan to tackle the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.

Parents say they are surprised by benefits overhaul

Parents were surprised today that child benefit payments came early.

Family allowances is paid to parents or guardians who are raising a child under the age of 16 or a person under the age of 20 who is in full-time education or training.

Payments are made once a month to parents or once a week to single parents or anyone receiving advantages such as income support.

The eldest or only child receives £21.80 per week and additional children receive £14.45.

But confused parents on social media report being paid less than usual and receiving payments earlier.

One said: “Tomorrow I only get £21.80 for my Child Benefit, I get the payment every 4 weeks. Why is that?”

Another puzzled mum said, “My payment was due today and I haven’t received full payment?”

But there is a good reason – and everything is linked to the next Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend .

When Child Benefit payments fall on a bank holiday week, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) may transfer the money earlier.

HMRC said payments due on May 30 or 31 will be prepaid – or part of it.

On Twitter, HMRC said: “If you are a Child Benefit customer, you may receive full or partial payments earlier than expected due to the upcoming bank holidays. Customers do not need to call – everyone will always receive full payment on the due date.”

If you normally receive Child Benefit every four weeks and one is due on May 30, you will receive one week of payment on May 27 and the other three on May 30.

If your payment is due on May 31, you will receive one week’s payment on May 30 and the rest on May 31.

People who receive weekly family allowances are also affected.

If your payment is due on May 30, you will receive it on May 27.

Payments due May 31 will arrive May 30.

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