CDA confident to complete dredging of Nullahs, banks cement themselves before monsoon

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – May 30, 2021): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has cleaned and stone the banks of several natural water drainage canals (Nullahs) that run through various parts of the city , as part of its continued action to prevent the discharge of sewage and waste on a permanent basis.

The campaign, drawn up about three months ago, entered the second stage as nullahs passing through different sectors including F-6, F-7, G-5 and G-6 were completely cleaned up and stone thrown. in its first phase, the CDA financial member Rana Shakeel told APP on Sunday.

As part of the second phase, he said the clean-up and rehabilitation works were being carried out in more natural waterways crossing other areas, including F-8, F-11, F-10 and G- 7.

He added that the rest of the streams would be cleared before the onset of the monsoon season, as the CDA Machine Park organization, working with other wings, was running the drive on a base. accelerated.

When asked, he said more than a dozen streams originated from Margalla Hills, but all eventually became dirty due to the disposal of garbage and sewage in the Nullahs by the people residing along their banks. .

However, the CDA was using all its resources to enhance the beauty of the federal capital by ridding the nullahs of garbage and sewage.

Giving details of the journey, he said suitable places were being built along the nullahs to allow the use of the machines to clear the blockade and rid them of all kinds of rubbish.

Calling cleaning the nullahs a Herculean task due to their depth, he said the stream litter was also provided under the reader to allow sanitation workers to clean it up. Stone pitching of their banks was also underway to block and identify sewer lines from restaurants and homes opening into these streams, he added.

He said the sewer lines, after their maintenance, were diverted to the I-9 sector wastewater treatment plant to treat the dirty water for later use for different purposes.

“We are moving towards a permanent solution of the nullah cleansing,” said Rana Shakeel, adding that regular stream cleansing would be ensured to resolve this problem once and for all.

To another question, he said strict measures are being taken against those who illegally use the places along the banks of the streams.

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