Cape Coral police warn of compromised bank accounts that start with simple text


The Cape Coral Police Department alerts you to a text message that appears to be from your bank. Cape PD has received several reports of compromised bank accounts from Suncoast Credit Union.

People who do business with Suncoast discover that scammers have gained access to their bank accounts. Indeed, the text messages from the view scammers look legitimate. Several people who have received the scam messages say they look a lot like the messages they expect to see from Suncoast.

You receive a message from your bank indicating that there is a problem with your bank account. Except there isn’t.

Rich Kolko is WINK News’ Safety and Security Specialist. “If your bank sends you a text or email saying we need you to do something, confirm and post, verify a password, click here…don’t!” Kolko said.

Scammers target people pretending to be their bank. Cape Coral police say they have received numerous reports of compromised Suncoast Credit Union accounts with missing money.

“The more specific they become, the more it can certainly increase the level of fear in anyone who receives these scams,” Kolko said.

WINK News spoke with a woman who received a text on her phone. Although she said it sounded convincing, she didn’t click on it.

Suncoast Credit Union has even created a webpage showing you what to look for. They say that when it comes to emails and texts, they will never ask for your account numbers, pins, CVV codes, or full social security numbers.

“They will continue forever. We must learn to live with them. And we hope law enforcement can fix it. They do a little. But you have to be your own first responder. You have to protect your money, protect your identity, protect your data,” Kolko said.

Another woman told us that she fell victim to this scam but was able to close her account before her money was taken from her. She didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera.

Kolko says if you are not careful. your money could end up disappearing for good. “You have to act slowly, act carefully, act meticulously. Make sure you don’t pass on any additional information,” he said.

Cape Coral police also told WINK News not to click on links in text messages. They say that if you are alerted to a potential problem with your bank account, call your bank directly or go to your bank’s app.

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Shawanda H. Saldana