BJP-led MCD fails to clean up garbage accumulated outside homes of COVID-19 positive patients in home isolation: AAP chief Durgesh Pathak | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi party leader and MCD official Durgesh Pathak said on Tuesday that the BJP-led MCD is not cleaning up the garbage of COVID-19 patients who are in home isolation.

He said more than 37,000 people in Delhi are in isolation at home and that due to mismanagement of cleaning up the garbage from these patients, there is a huge risk of the virus spreading, for which the BJP will be solely responsible.

Pathak said he would ask Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta to form a team and oversee this issue of cleaning up the garbage of people isolated in their homes. He said the BJP-led MCD had plundered Delhi for the past 15 years, but during a health emergency it should streamline garbage cleaning and avoid dirty politics.

Shri Pathak said: “You are witnessing the COVID-19 outbreak in Delhi. Yesterday we registered about 23,000 cases. In order to combat this, the Delhi government imposed a six day lockdown and I am happy that every Delhi citizen has supported this decision. They follow lockdown rules, are at home, spend time with family members, wear masks and maintain their social distance. “

He said: “Those who test positive for COVID have two treatment options. First, most people stay at home and seek treatment, known as “home isolation” or “home quarantine”. And those whose health deteriorates, with declining oxygen levels, are admitted to hospitals. ”

“Today, around 37,337 patients are placed in home quarantine. They seek treatment at home. They are connected to doctors and government facilities in Delhi. In this whole process, the MCD led by the BJP has a crucial role to play. Waste generated by the patient in home isolation must be collected and processed by the MCD according to certain guidelines. They have a report showing which person in which house was quarantined. A special vehicle is sent which collects the garbage and treats it in a different way. “

Pathak said: “It is unfortunate that the leaders of the BJP engage in politics, but where work is needed, they do not. Today, the MCD led by the BJP does not collect the garbage generated by these 37,000 patients who are quarantined at home. In some of these houses, someone is sent after an interval of 7-8 days to pick up the garbage. You must have friends who would have been isolated at home; you can ask them about it and check it out. If this waste is not treated appropriately, the cases will only increase. For this, the MCD led by the BJP would be responsible. “

Pathak added, “Now is not the time for politics. I would like to call the BJP – the damage you have done in Delhi has already been suffered. But now you have to stand with the people and pick up the garbage from the homes of 37,000 patients who are in home quarantine. “

Pathak also said, “I would like to appeal to Adesh Gupta to engage in politics later. You need to set up a team and monitor it personally, making sure that garbage is picked up from every house or not, as if it is not disposed of properly, it will lead to the spread of the virus. Therefore, I would like to tell the BJP MCD to do your job and not to indulge in politics. The work that the citizens of Delhi have entrusted to you – those who are isolated at home are treated by the government of Delhi – but the work of garbage collection at their homes is to be done by the MCD led by the BJP, and it has to happen soon. . “


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