Biz ‘Bites’: Zions Bank touted top SBA 7 (A) loan lender and helped create jobs in Idaho

Zions Bank touted top SBA 7 (A) loan lender and helped create jobs in Idaho

The 8th and main building in Boise, known to natives as the Zions Bank Building, the bank’s headquarters in Idaho. Photo by Catie Clark

Idaho businesses lead the pack as businesses bounce back from challenges induced by COVID-19 recession, AdvisorSmith noted during the ranking Idaho, first state of entrepreneurs in 2021. Through September 30, 2021, Zions Bank provided capital to help Idaho businesses grow, approving 36 US Small Business Administration (SBA) 7 (a) loans totaling over $ 8.2 million. dollars, according to data from the SBA’s Boise District office. One of the 20 indicators examined for the study was the health of the business environment, including the availability of finance.

In 2021, Zions Bank said it has helped Idaho businesses grow so they can create 73 new jobs and retain 151 existing positions, according to SBA data. Zions Bank approved loans represent over 10% of the 330 SBA-backed 7 (a) loans approved in Boise District in the last fiscal year. Zions Bank continues to be a leader in marketing SBA loans to businesses owned by women and people of color, according to the announcement, which accounted for at least 40% of the 7 (a) loans approved by Zions Bank in the District of Boise during the fiscal year. year 2021.

City of Boise adopts vaccine requirement for new hires

Beginning Jan. 3, the city of Boise will require all newly hired employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to a city announcement. This will be a requirement for all employee classifications, including temporary and contract employees. This has no impact on current employees, but the city continues to recommend that any employee who can be vaccinated or receive the booster to do so.

Boise Town Hall. Photo file

New employees should have received the Johnson & Johnson single injection vaccine or both doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines two weeks prior to their start date.

“We must take action to ensure uninterrupted municipal services and programs, and to protect the health and safety of our community, especially our most vulnerable, our children,” said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean in a statement. “We will soon be hiring hundreds of staff for our spring / summer activities, such as swimming pools and play camps, and these new staff will train and teach thousands of children. We must do it now to keep our children safe. “

“We have an obligation to our employees to do what we can to keep them as healthy as possible,” added Mayor McLean. “Vaccines are a big part of it. “

NRCS announces application deadline for new registrations to EQIP-CIC

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced a new option allowing agricultural stakeholders to “carry out resource conservation projects and make conservation-related management changes on their farms or ranches.” The new option, EQIP-CIC, is described as being like the classic EQIP, and was created by the Farm Bill 2018, according to a recent press release.

“You could say it’s a stepping stone between the classic EQIP and the conservation stewardship program,” said Amie Miller, NRCS interim state curator for Idaho, in the announcement. “We are particularly enthusiastic because EQIP-CIC offers producers the possibility of implementing practices focused on climate-smart agriculture, even on properties that are not fully-fledged farms. “

Participation in the program is voluntary and is intended to help landowners and private operators meet the costs of installing conservation practices. EQIP-CIC applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, however, only applications received by April 29 will be considered for funding during this particular cycle, the announcement says. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in subsequent cycles.

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