What is debt collection?

As a general rule, you are not entitled to receive reminders or a debt collection notice unless you comply with the agreement to pay your debt. However, in order for the creditor to basically demand his money, debt collection must be notified in the so-called reminder letter, where there is a time limit for payment of at least 10 days. In the reminder letter, there is a clear warning that there may be additional costs associated with your debt if you do not pay within this deadline. an elucidation on http://www.alesbilgimerkezi.org/payday-loans-online-no-faxing-same-day-try-online-loan-application-poor-credit/

Not complied with deadline

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If the deadline is still not met and the company has been notified correctly. The debt case can be transferred to a debt collection company without further notice. However, your debt collection statement must clearly state what debt it relates to.

Reported to debt collection

Notifying you of debt collection means that you have not complied with the first payment agreement you made. You have received reminders from the company you owe money before you have been notified. So, being notified of a debt collection is a matter that you must take seriously. However, do not be nervous about contacting the company and clarifying your debt.

Non-performing loans at Delegostas Blenders

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In the event of a breach of the loan agreement, Delegostas Blenders will submit reminder letters, whereby a fee of DKK 100.00 per reminder is attributed to the customer. If the loan is still not repaid, the debt will be surrendered to debt collection, which will incur additional costs.

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