Debt Loans – Debt Consolidation

There are hardly any citizens in Croatia who have no debts, be it a current account overdraft or a home loan that will repay over the next 20 years. But in that we are not much worse than the rest of Europe, but what we are is the level of pay. The average salary is around 5500 kunas per month, and the mere fact that the consumer basket exceeds that figure speaks volumes.

Who can end up on the payroll list?


People can already find themselves in debt arrears with the absence of a single paycheck, not to mention unforeseen situations such as car repairs or health checks. It is not helped by the fact that banks view such people as an increased risk for fear that they will not be able to repay their debts and do not even have the opportunity to take out loans, loans or loans. Especially if they are still on the payroll list.

Not infrequently, even those citizens who actually have a decent income end up on the list, but because of the non-payment of their wages, it is not their fault that they are late in repaying the loan on time. Entering a list of defaults can cause major problems when seeking a loan because it is not updated on time, which means that you can be on the list even though you have already settled your debts.

How to get a loan for the indebted


The lending companies have designed special loans for the indebted. They are ideal for people who want to get rid of the current account minus in one go, as well as for those who want to resolve an emergency immediately. No borrowing is required for borrowings for debtors. This means there is no need to pledge movable or immovable property in exchange for a loan.

Loans to debtors are paid directly into the current account 


For credit houses, the complete application is exclusively online. It is not necessary to certify the documentation with a notary public or with an employer as soon as the procedure itself is shortened from application to approval of the application, which is especially important in emergencies. Loans to debtors are paid directly into the current account of the claimant and only 15 minutes after the submission of the signed documentation.

Debt borrowings are intended to be named after people who may not see the challenges of the situation because they are immediately turned off by banks. They are paid in smaller amounts so that by properly disposing of the money, clients can pay it back during a short repayment plan. Therefore, they themselves will not be under so much pressure and will have the opportunity during this period to try to put their finances in order.

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