Why Your Credit Card is Not Approved?

It may be your case to have made a request for a credit card at a bank and after a while you receive the sad note that your plastic has not been accepted. If you are one of the people READ MORE

Subrogation Mortgage

The subrogation mortgage or mortgage bank change is a financial product that allows you to improve the conditions of your current mortgage by changing creditor. It is about changing the mortgage to another financial institution that offers us better conditions. READ MORE

We promote financial education, help make smart money decisions and seek to eliminate taboos around talking about money.

If you are a beneficiary of a mortgage loan from the Good Finance program, and you want to make a prepayment of it, surely a question assails you. Do I lose the Good Finance bond if I prepay the mortgage READ MORE

Ideal gifts for your children; money tips

One of the most anticipated times for children after their birthday is Christmas. Therefore, before doing Christmas shopping, be sure to take into account your wishes, emotions and useful gifts to help boost your creativity or talent . If you READ MORE

What is debt collection?

As a general rule, you are not entitled to receive reminders or a debt collection notice unless you comply with the agreement to pay your debt. However, in order for the creditor to basically demand his money, debt collection must READ MORE

Can anyone borrow money? | Take out Loans

So it depends on different factors how high the total amount is that you can borrow. Yet can anyone just go to a loan provider to take out a personal loan? Just like be expected, there are also exclusions. For READ MORE

Debt Loans – Debt Consolidation

There are hardly any citizens in Croatia who have no debts, be it a current account overdraft or a home loan that will repay over the next 20 years. But in that we are not much worse than the rest READ MORE

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